The radio programme "España vuelta y vuelta" in the ETSIT


On May 12th, from the lobby of the library of the ETSIT UPM, the programme “España vuelta y vuelta” of National Radio of Spain (RNE) was broadcast. The broadcast of the programme, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the ETSIT-UPM to Moncloa Campus, has been possible thanks to the close collaboration of the university and RTVE, that develops different projects through the RTVE Chair.

José Manuel Menéndez is the head of the RTVE Chair in ETSIT-UPM and the Visual Telecommunication Application Group (G@TV). The commitment to RTVE public service with citizens includes the objective to improve the signal of radio and television broadcasting and its better reception in their homes. “For this reason we have joined the two institutions, RTVE and our university, reflecting the agreement in the creation of the Chair”.

In the coming years the technology will improve enough in this field. For example, when a viewer will be in front of the monitor at home, he will have a greater immersion. “If it is a horse race, the viewer has to fell that he is inside the race”, said José Manuel.

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