The Chair of RTVE in UPM is renewed to impulse the technological development of media contents


RTVE and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, by means of FUNDETEL (Fundación Rogelio Segovia para el Desarrollo de las Telecomunicaciones), signed the agreement to renew the Chair of RTVE in this university last Friday, January the 20th. The Chair, created in January 2015, includes the strategic collaboration among both entities in training, research, academic and dissemination activities. The event was presided by Guillermo Cisneros, UPM's Principal.

After the signature, Félix Pérez has underlined the nearness between the UPM and RTVE due to the public service vocation, the link between audiovisual services and telecommunication, and the position of the sector in the technological transformation. Enrique Alejo has remembered that this Chair of RTVE "was the first, and for that, it is special" and has expressed that the satisfaction and appreciation has been mutual during these two years. Enrique Alejo has stressed that RTVE wants to be present during the transformation of the sector.

The UPM's Principal, Guillermo Cisneros, has stressed that the University "offers to the Chair all its potential of the Engineering" and has also expressed that the Chair "facilitates three missions to the university: teaching, research and knowledge transference".

The Director of the Chair, José Manuel Menéndez, explained that "the Chair addresses the innovation in new signal formats and broadcast formats of television signal, but also means the promotion of technological vocations and aims to improve the teaching conditions with new infrastructures and bringing the reality of the sector to the students".

Both entities have renewed the Chair because of the satisfaction with the results reached in these two years from the technological, innovation and educational perspectives. The Chair has participated in several activities in the field of Ultra High Definition TV, enabling the technological research, the sector implication, the business participation and specific educational activities.

The Chair has participated in several UHD trials in TDT where it has been possible not only to demonstrate that emissions in UHD are realistic and efficient, but also appreciate the advantages of the use of the DVB-T2 and HEVC as differential features to reach more efficiency in the use of radio spectrum, and better signal with more immersivity thanks to the UHD (HDR, WCG or next generation audio).

Besides producing specific audiovisual content in UHD, it has placed special emphasis on studying the behaviour of the different elements in the end to end value chain for live broadcast from the acquisition to the reception. To do this, the Chair has used different platforms such as DTT, satellite (DVB-S2) and hybrid television (HbbTV, better known as "Red Button").

Given the nature of the Chair, all the experiences have been publicly presented. For this purpose, the Chair has organised workshops and participated in events and relevant national and international trade fairs.

In this new stage, the Chair research activity will extend to the new generation communication networks (5G and others) to improve the production process in the audiovisual sector.

With the renewal of the Chair, RTVE confirms its commitment with the innovation, the public service and the audiovisual sector in Spain.

Before the signing of this agreement, RTVE and UPM had already collaborated in experiences such as the first UHD trials in DTT or the first HD trials in DTT with interactive services (Campus HD, 2006).

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