The Chair of RTVE in UPM participates in the RTVE innovation conference


The Chair of RTVE in UPM was invited to participate in the conference "Innovation and digital transformation", organised by RTVE in its headquarters (Prado del Rey, near Madrid) on December, the 14th 2016.

Prof. José Manuel Menéndez, director of the Chair, participated in this event to explain the activities carried out by the Chair. He shared the lectern with Adolfo Muñoz, director of emission, networks and communication in RTVE (as shown in the second image). The Chair activities have included the deployment of UHD phase 2 pilots (integrating technical characteristics beyond 4K, such as HDR or new audio formats), subjective quality assessment tests and the exploration of 5G capabilities for TV production environments. José Manuel Menéndez underlined the collaboration between the Chair and key national and international companies, such as Dolby, Cellnex and Sapec.

José Antonio Sánchez (RTVE president) and Enrique Alejo (RTVE corporative general director) attended the conference. Along the event, attendants took the opportunity to know the variety of innovation initiatives where RTVE is involved, such as TV automatic production for radio programmes, 360º TV, TV journalism using the mobile phones and the virtual creation of actual environments for news programmes.

During the event, the different projects supported by Impulsavisión were presented. Impulsavisión is the RTVE audiovisual start-up accelerator. The three university Chairs of RTVE were also included in the programme. The Chair of RTVE in UPM was the pioneer among them.

Press release (RTVE)