Participation of the Chair in the Bit Broadcast 2016


The Chair and several entities that collaborated in the live broadcast of the opera Parsifal in UHD participated in the Bit Broadcast event, organised in Feria de Madrid (IFEMA) from the 24th to the 26th May.

The Chair was in charge of organising three sessions, which took place on Thursday the 26th at the Green Room to explain the details and the opinions about the live broadcast of the opera Parsifal in UHD last 21st April. Each session included a round table where participants explained their contribution in the Parsifal event and answered the questions proposed by the moderator and the public.

The first round table, entitled "Production" was conducted by Adolfo Muñoz, director of emission, networks and communications in RTVE. This session counted on Natalia Camacho (Madrid Royal Theater), Arturo Morales (RTVE), Julián Hidalgo (Hurí TV) and Guillermo Niño (Dolby).

The second table was led by Miguel Ángel Cristóbal, general director of Sapec. The title of this session was "Engineering" and it included the participation of Manuel Delgado (RTVE), Jesús Sancho (RTVE) and Jorge de la Torre (Abacanto Soluciones).

Finally, the last session, entitled "Transport and broadcast" was conducted by Prof. José Manuel Menéndez, Director of the Chair and head of G@TV research group. The participants in the table were: Jorge Rodríguez (Hispasat), Ramón Salat (Cellnex Telecom) and José Luis San Martín (RTVE).