The Chair of RTVE in UPM joins Cellnex, Dolby and Sapec, comprising its Advisory Committee


The Chair of RTVE in UPM has joined Cellnex Telecom, Dolby and Sapec. The involvement also means that these entities constitute the Advisory Committee of the Chair in technological aspects. The Chair reaffirms its encouragement with the impulse of the new technologies and the promotion of technological vocations among the students.

The audiovisual technologies promoted by the Chair are the Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV), the HEVC video coding standard, the DVB-T2 transmission standard and new generation audio (NGA). All of these technologies try to provide a complete UHD experience.

In the act of creation of the Chair in January 2015, Enrique Alejo (Corporative General Director of RTVE) and Félix Pérez (Director of UPM Telecommunication Engineering School ) insisted on the possibility to join other entities in the future, enabling a driving force in the audiovisual industry in Spain.

Cellnex Telecom, Dolby and Sapec have participated in activities of the Chair since its beginning. These entities were involved in the first trials of UHD signal in DVB-T2 with H.265 video coding standard in May 2015. After that, the use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wider Color Gamut (WCG) was incorporated in the 4K Summit in Sevilla in November 2015. This year, the collaboration has allowed the UHD live transmission of the opera "Parsifal" via satellite from the Royal Theatre (Teatro Real). The UHD live signal was shown in the Kinepolis cinema and broadcasted on Madrid and Barcelona by means of DVB-T2 technology.

For the professor and director of the Chair, José Manuel Menéndez, "the joining of these relevant entities shows that the Chair continues with the goal of promoting new technologies, learning about the implications of their deployment and giving the projects an international projection, due to the global character that the sector has in these moments".

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