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The Chair of RTVE in UPM participates in the "Challenges and opportunities of 5G technology in the production of audiovisual content" conference


The conference "Challenges and opportunities of 5G technology in the production of audiovisual content", organized by the Royal Academy of Engineering and with the collaboration of RTVE, took place on June the 28th. In this conference four round tables were organized to explain the state of 5G technology in content production.

José Manuel Menéndez (director of the Chair of RTVE in UPM) and Adolfo Muñoz (director of emission, networks and communication in RTVE) spoke about the activities of the Chair, the 5G technology and the 5G Media european project where RTVE and UPM participate together with other partners.

In this link you can see the program of the conference, along with the slides of the speakers.

The Chair of RTVE in UPM, recognized at the Dolby Innovative Awards


The ceremony of the III edition of the Dolby Innovative Awards took place on June the 14th, which recognizes the work that the different partners of Dolby carry out to improve the entertainment experience, using the technological innovations that the company develops.

The Chair has been rewarded for the collaboration established for the analysis and implementation of Dolby audio and video technologies in terrestrial broadcasting, with the idea of bringing the audiovisual innovation to all viewers.

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GATV participates in the LC Madrid "Digit All" Workshop


The Visual Telecommunication Application Group (GATV) has collaborated in the event organized in Madrid by the Eurielec-EESTEC LC association. The event was attended by 22 engineering students from different european cities. The Workshop, "Digit All", was about the digital transformation. The attendees visited the facilities and equipment of the Chair of RTVE in UPM and the GATV, discussing about technological innovation such as Ultra High Definition, Accessibility, AC4 audio and the new HbbTV.

An article about Dolby AC-4 has been published in DVB Scene, with a mention to the Chair


Elfed Howells, Business Group Director at Dolby, has published in DVB Scene March 2017 an article about Dolby AC-4. This article mentions the live AC-4 trial of the Chair of RTVE in UPM since summer 2016. You can find the article on page 10.

DVB Scene March 2017

The Chair of RTVE in UPM is renewed to impulse the technological development of media contents


RTVE and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, by means of FUNDETEL (Fundación Rogelio Segovia para el Desarrollo de las Telecomunicaciones), signed the agreement to renew the Chair of RTVE in this university last Friday, January the 20th. The Chair, created in January 2015, includes the strategic collaboration among both entities in training, research, academic and dissemination activities. The event was presided by Guillermo Cisneros, UPM's Principal.

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At least until 2030, the European Union shields the sub-700 band for broadcasting


Europe will release the 700 MHz band for mobile services from 2020. The broadcasting services, such as digital television, will maintain the priority in the sub-700 MHz band (470-694 MHz) at least until 2030.

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The Chair of RTVE in UPM participates in the RTVE innovation conference


The Chair of RTVE in UPM was invited to participate in the conference "Innovation and digital transformation", organised by RTVE in its headquarters (Prado del Rey, near Madrid) on December, the 14th 2016.

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Guillermo Niño, awarded at the Dolby annual conference


Guillermo Niño, Senior Manager, Broadcast, OTT and Dolby Home Video Laboratories, has recently got the award that can be observed in the image, at the Dolby annual conference held in San Francisco. This award recognises the works of Guillermo around the AC-4 audio format, which has been used within the trials of the Chair of RTVE in UPM. Dolby is precisely one of the companies that signed its integration in the Chair last summer.

RTVE and the Royal Academy of Engineering will collaborate in the field of innovation


Last Thursday, the Corporate General Director of RTVE, Enrique Alejo, and the President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Elías Fereres, have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of supporting the fields of innovation, research and development.

Professor José Manuel Menéndez (the first in the photo from left to right) was invited to this event as director of the Chair of RTVE in UPM.

Press release (RTVE)

The RTVE Chair in the UPM joins Cellnex, Dolby and Sapec, comprising its Advisory Committee


The RTVE Chair in the UPM has joined entities Cellnex Telecom, Dolby and Sapec. The involvement also means that these entities constitute the Advisory Committee of the Chair in technological aspects.

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Participation of the Chair in the Bit Broadcast 2016


The Chair and several entities that collaborated in the live broadcast of the opera Parsifal in UHD participated in the Bit Broadcast event, organised in Feria de Madrid (IFEMA) from the 24th to the 26th May.

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Live Opera in Ultra High Definition from the Teatro Real


Panorama Audiovisual, a professional website specialised in innovation in the field of broadcast, cinema and new media, has published a piece of news about the live broadcast of the opera Parsifal in Ultra High Definition, represented in the Teatro Real of Madrid, in a project impulsed by this theatre and with the collaboration of the Chair of RTVE in the ETSIT-UPM and other important companies in the sector. The complete news is in this link.

Hispasat and RTVE have also published a press release about this event. You can see the press releases at the following links:
Press release (Hispasat)
Press release (RTVE)

Open day in the ETSIT


On April the 5th the open day in the ETSIT-UPM took place. The Chair of RTVE and The Visual Telecommunication Application Group (G@TV) participated in this event with a demo to show the activities that they are carrying out in the field of Ultra High Definition (UHDTV).

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4K: around the corner?


On November 5th and 6th, it took place the event 4K Summit of Seville. It should be pointed out that 4K is a reality that will be sooner rather than later. However, 4K is not only more resolution. Also other improvements are required: HDR, HFR, WCG and better audio, such as it is said in Panorama Audiovisual.

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4K Summit in Seville


RTVE in collaboration with Cellnex Telecom, Hispasat, Dolby Laboratories and SAPEC will present two worldwide premieres at the 4K Summit in Seville. The Chair of RTVE in the Telecommunication Engineering School of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has been responsible for coordinating the efforts aimed at carrying out this initiative.

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The Chair participates in the BIT Experience conference


The BIT Experience conference took place in Feria de Madrid (IFEMA) in the Campo de las Naciones from the 17th to the 18th June 2015. On the one hand, there were technical speeches and round tables in one of the auditorium with more capacity in the place. One the other hand, several companies installed demos outside the auditorium.

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The radio programme "España vuelta y vuelta" in the ETSIT


The radio programme “España vuelta y vuelta” of National Radio of Spain (RNE) was broadcast, from the lobby of the library of the ETSIT UPM.

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Open day in the ETSIT


The Visual Telecommunication Application Group (G@TV) and the RTVE Chair have participated in the open day organized by the Telecommunication Engineering School of UPM (ETSIT UPM), on April 15th.

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Creation of the RTVE-ETSIT UPM Chair


Spanish Radio and Television Corporation (RTVE) and Telecommunication Engineering School of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSIT-UPM) have signed a cooperation agreement, whereby is created a Chair for the development of the telecommunications linked to the broadcast of audiovisual content. In the news appears some of the areas of study of the Chair.

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