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The Chair of RTVE in UPM consolidates a long trajectory of collaboration between Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) and the Visual Telecommunication Application Group (Grupo de Aplicación de Telecomunicaciones Visuales) of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Both entities have participated together in projects and initiatives for the last 10 years, such as the promotion of the Digital Television during the DTT deployment, innovating trials of High Definition signal or the launch of interactive services and Hybrid TV. Because of this intense cooperation, both entities decided to create a stable collaboration framework in 2014 with the following objectives:

The creation agreement of the Chair of RTVE in UPM was signed on 15th January 2015.

Recent news

The Chair of RTVE in UPM, recognized at the Dolby Innovative Awards


The ceremony of the III edition of the Dolby Innovative Awards took place on June the 14th, which recognizes the work that the different partners of Dolby carry out to improve the entertainment experience, using the technological innovations that the company develops.

The Chair has been rewarded for the collaboration established for the analysis and implementation of Dolby audio and video technologies in terrestrial broadcasting, with the idea of bringing the audiovisual innovation to all viewers.

Press release (RTVE)

GATV participates in the LC Madrid "Digit All" Workshop


The Visual Telecommunication Application Group (GATV) has collaborated in the event organized in Madrid by the Eurielec-EESTEC LC association. The event was attended by 22 engineering students from different european cities. The Workshop, "Digit All", was about the digital transformation. The attendees visited the facilities and equipment of the Chair of RTVE in UPM and the GATV, discussing about technological innovation such as Ultra High Definition, Accessibility, AC4 audio and the new HbbTV.

An article about Dolby AC-4 has been published in DVB Scene, with a mention to the Chair


Elfed Howells, Business Group Director at Dolby, has published in DVB Scene March 2017 an article about Dolby AC-4. This article mentions the live AC-4 trial of the Chair of RTVE in UPM since summer 2016. You can find the article on page 10.

DVB Scene March 2017

The Chair of RTVE in UPM is renewed to impulse the technological development of media contents


RTVE and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, by means of FUNDETEL (Fundación Rogelio Segovia para el Desarrollo de las Telecomunicaciones), signed the agreement to renew the Chair of RTVE in this university last Friday, January the 20th. The Chair, created in January 2015, includes the strategic collaboration among both entities in training, research, academic and dissemination activities. The event was presided by Guillermo Cisneros, UPM's Principal.

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