Presentation of the book about strategies and scenarios in UHF networks and services, written by this Chair


October the 1st, it took place the presentation of the book "Estrategias y escenarios para redes y servicios UHF” ("Strategies and scenarios for UHF networks and services") that summarises the event hosted in the Secretary of State of Telecommunications on 16th December 2014.

During this event, experts analysed the possible consequences of future decisions about the UHF spectrum band. Currently, this issue is still relevant since the CMR-15 is taking place in a few weeks.

This event generated such an interest that the Spanish Association of Telecom Engineers (AEIT) in Madrid, the RTVE Institute, Cellnex Telecom and UNIRED decided to create a book since the positions and tendencies explained in the event would surely influence the future audiovisual framework.

The ETSIT-UPM RTVE Chair has been in charge of coordinating this book. José Manuel Menéndez García and Carlos Alberto Martín Edo have summarised the event and collected the expert presentations.

The resulting book was presented on Thursday, October the 1st, at noon in the Instituto de la Ingeniería de España (Spain Engineering Institute), C/ General Arrando 38. This presentation consisted in a brief act including sponsor speeches and a family picture.

You can download the book in electronic version and find more information at the following link